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You Choose Your Life


This week we reveal the behind the scenes here in T & K land. We have been very busy creating and finally we are ready to show you! Kayla has a beautiful new vlog she has created on YouTube. This is truly a passion project for her as she weaves in her story in a very artistic and creative way. She shows you behind the scenes of what it is like to run your own business all the while infusing her personality of being a model, wall street exec and now business owner.

If that weren’t enough, we reveal the new website as well. We spend so much time trying to streamline our business and make it a very enjoyable experience for you. Check it out!

In this episode we talk about creating your own life. Often times we are told that we wish, hope and wait for our “dream” life to show up. This isn’t how it works. Yes we dream dreams. This is an important step. If you want to wait for it to come to you, I would get really comfortable. Without action steps it could take 10 – 20 years depending on the dream and most of us give up by then. So what does it take?

Some would say really hard work. Yes, we work hard here… but we are also in ease. Ease is very different than easy. Ease means that things flow and there is less resistance. This combination of working and ease is what I call effort. We want to put in more than minimum effort to create our dreams. It is great to “want to write a book”, it is a completely different thing to actually do the work of writing. Inspiration doesn’t just land in our laps. The whole book idea right at the front. It unfolds. You get an idea, and this is the time to take action.


This is an important step that goes hand in hand with creating. It involves inspired action. Those images on your vision board need some love. They need some movement. This is where we can use both sides of our personality. The softened version allows inspiration to come. The control freak, yes we all have this, this is where you use that stubborn self of yours to take action. Be stubborn for yourself. Use your own tenacity for you. Taking action requires some guts and some bravery. Be prepared to have to make many baby steps. Don’t worry about how to launch the book BEFORE actually writing the book. Get to the task of making this dream happen.

One of the ideas that we explore is that many of us do not know what we want. We look at someone else and say to ourselves that we would love that experience. However, do you know what YOU want? Getting clear on what you want is the first step. We may think we know what we want and yet most of us sit in the idea jar. Ideas are great as brainstorming. We actually won’t truly know what we want until we start trying things on.

I like to think of this like shoe shopping. You see the pretty shoe, but how does it feel? Many of us had bought the pretty shoe that can’t be worn because it feels awful to wear. It was a great idea in theory, but it hurt too much to wear. So we try on shoes. We walk in them. We look in the mirror. Some of us take them home and try them on with outfits. Sometimes we want those shoes, other times we take them back. There is no right or wrong in this scenario. There is simply what feels good and what does not. So…. try on some dreams. Maybe you like cooking classes, maybe you just like watching Top Chef. Maybe you like hiking, maybe you prefer the comfort of the gym. You won’t know if you like writing a book until you sit down to write. And the good news is this… at any point you may stop and try something else. This is a commitment safe experience. No two year contracts.

I dare you to find what feels good and take action this week. Find ways to create and act on the life you want.

For those that watch Kayla’s new VLOG on YouTube, Spend the Day With Me, I mentioned that there are a couple of things to look for. I would love to see how many of you find these AND comment about them. One is to find where Kayla has a small OCD moment. The second is where I JerryRig something that saves us time and effort in the editing portion of the vlog. Can you find them? Let me know in the comments!!

Have an amazing week!

We love you.

xo Traci & Kayla