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Why Vision Boards Don’t Work

Some of us create vision boards to help us manifest our desires. This is an excellent tool…. when used correctly. Let’s say for example that you are struggling to pay rent and are behind in your bills. It would make sense that you would want to manifest abundance. It would seem as though posting a picture of a wad of cash and a yacht would represent abundance and would be something that you want to experience. However.. If you are struggling to pay your current lifestyle, there is going to be a huge comparison in your mind to the pictures on your board. You may even experience judgment on yourself. The dreams on your board are such a stretch for you that when you look at the pictures, it can feel so far away and bring on feelings of overwhelm.

This is why vision boards do not always work, especially for those of us who are sensitive. When we feel judgement, we stop our manifesting dead in our tracks. This also fuels the belief of doubt.

Vision boards can work, as long as  you connect to the feeling.

Some things to consider..

  • WHY do you want something?
  • HOW do you want to feel?
  • WHAT pictures would represent these feelings to you?

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!! Let us know in the comments. How are you going to switch up your vision board so you can connect to the feeling?

We love you!!