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FREE Modern Manifesting Series Week Two: Self Worth

Welcome to Week 2!!!

This week we are going to dive in to self worth, self acceptance, prioritizing self, and softening. You may have noticed the doubts creeping up and also the guilt. Let’s focus on busting through this energy and creating some mindset shifts here. You are worthy of every desire your heart can feel. Let’s embrace this new energy. I have set up an additional clearing call in an evening slot for those who are unable to make the morning time work during the week. I love and adore each of you. Excited to see what comes up!!! Thank you for continuing to share the shit out of everything I post and for the coffee this week. I am going to start tagging those of you on facebook who have purchased me some. xo

*One of the facebook lives did not record a replay. You can watch it on facebook here.







Monday Aug 14th – Intro Video & PDFs for Journaling AND Facebook Live Energy Clearing 7pm pst

Tuesday Aug 15th – Facebook Live Inspiration 4pm pst

Wednesday Aug 16th – Private Zoom Class || Lecture Topic: How to Manifest, Safety, RoutinesΒ 6pm pst

Thursday Aug 17th – Facebook Live Inspiration 10am pst

Friday Aug 18th – Facebook Live Energy Clearing 10am pst

Saturday Aug 19th – Action Step || Q&A Facebook Live 11am pst

Sunday Aug 20th – Private Zoom Class || Connecting Call 9am pst

*All replays will be posted on this page once complete. For Facebook Live access, add me as a friend on Facebook here.


Welcome to my FREE Modern Manifesting Series!!! We are starting this six week journey together on Monday August 7th, though I encourage anyone who wants to dive in to jump in wherever we are. For those of you who are new to me, my name is Kayla and I have a HUGE passion for all things manifesting. I have been coaching, teaching, and manifesting myself for years and have mastered the up-leveling journey it takes to create the life you want. Here is the thing. I am a no bullshit kind of woman. I am blunt with a warm soul. I always say, there is no magic pill when it comes to manifesting. It requires effort.

There are a lot of great tools and ideas on how to manifest, but I have tweaked a few things and have created my own technique that works for me and my clients.

Have you ever wondered why manifesting doesn’t work for you? Perhaps it sends you into a doubt spiral. If you are like me, you have a wild soul. You feel things deeper than what appears to be normal. Not only am I a scorpio, but I am also a sensitive soul. This means that I am sensitive to energy in deep ways. If you are reading this, so are you. I tend to draw in the dreamers, the artists, the creatives, the sensitives, and the wild. Your world usually doesn’t represent this when you find me. Typically your desires are hidden away under the pain that has piled up over the years. I am here to help strip away the fear and help you step into who you are. Then we can work on getting you what you want. If you don’t know who you are, how do you expect to even know what it is that you want to manifest? Working with me requires effort. I will not sell you a magic pill, but I can offer you hope beyond your wildest dreams. I share a unique bond with source, which you may grow to learn more about me.

Let’s just say, if you want more in your life and doubtful that you will ever find it… I am your girl. Take a seat, get cozy, and take a chance on this wild ride with me.

I have chosen to launch this free series out of a deep place of passion. I am one of the few people out there who actually give a shit about my clients. I probably care too much to be quite honest. I form deep bonds with my clients and we feel like family. I launch a manifesting course every fall since the magic around me seems to bring so much magic during that time. What I notice is that in my courses, we finally get to a place of movement and then our time is up. A lot of the time for sensitives is spent preparing the energy. I am completely transparent, you will get to know this about me. I don’t use gimmicks or sales techniques. I am proud of my work and feel that it speaks for itself. I know that I will be working with you deeper at the end of this 6 weeks and would prefer you to be in a place where you are READY for the big stuff. Ready to see some magical shit happen. I am choosing to invest in you before you invest in me. Taking this course does not mean that you are required to purchase my manifesting course, but I know that a select few of you will.


I don’t like to mess with my manifesting energy, so I have come to a solution for those of you who are choosing to take this course with me and are not in a place to financially take the next step with me.

  • I am asking that you “SHARE THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING I POST”.. That will make my soul smile.
  • The other alternative, buy me a cup of coffee. Yes, I know it sounds small.. but I love my coffee and it is an essential part of my daily routine.

Coffee Donation

I know it sounds silly, but manifesting really only works when there is an investment of some sort or an effort that is placed. I encourage you to share this with your friends. What if this was one of those brave things you did where you chose to do that changed your life?

I have a shit ton of confidence, and I cherish every soul that entrusts me with guiding them. I am excited to take this journey with you, and I look forward to seeing what we can create during this next 6 weeks together.