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VLOG: Taking the dogs to the groomers

We have another hair day, but this time the dogs are taking a turn. Nash and Lacey are going to the groomers!! It is so much fun to see them get pampered and taken care of. They both love attention and getting dolled up. We take them to our favorite little place in Carmel called Suds ‘n Scissors Pet Spa. They always laugh when we walk through the door, they are such a funny pair with the size difference. Who could forget this little duo?

Today I stopped to get a Venti Americano so that I could rush over to Asiolmar for a meeting to plan our retreat. The weather here is foggy and rainy in the mornings and it brings so much creativity my way. I am super excited for September and everything that is happening with our retreat!!

I am always so inspired by the sand dunes. I love walking on the boardwalk, and I am sure you recognize it from a few live meditations. I took some time in to feel the moment, and soak in the view. After that I hopped on facebook live. If you were on with me, you saw that mom climbed behind me and in the bushes to get some shots of you for the vlog!! I love you so much, and so appreciate the way that we connect on social media.

Vibrations are high, the retreat is in motion, and now it’s time to go pick up the fur babies. They are so freaking adorable and so happy. Lacey always seems to flirt and pose like she is a model. Nash is the same, he just wants to play and give you his toy. Thanks for coming along with me today, I hope you fall in love with the fur babies. They will be making an appearance at the retreat!!

Leave me a comment below!! What is your fur baby’s name and their cute little quirk? <3