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VLOG: IKEA Furniture Haul & Build

Life is not always the most glamorous experience. Today I am inviting you to tag along while I build some IKEA furniture!! What you don’t know is that I built the same three pieces at my mom’s house earlier in the day. When I started filming at my place I was already disheveled. I am a mix of both designer label and hard work. Some pieces I will splurge on like the West Elm couch I have my heart set on and my beautiful bed. Those are the things that comfort cannot be skipped over on. I picked out some things that I thought would mix well together with my style and also provide some function.

If you notice, my main floor at the loft is pretty empty. I will be taking you with me on the journey of creating this space a home. When I left New York City, I decided to sell all of my things and start over rather than shipping it across the country. I asked myself “Would I buy this again?” and realized that my minimalistic style had changed over the years.


It was pretty funny building these on film, I realized that I had to force some smiles when it was taking a long ass time. LOL

I am a hard worker and am also excited for how this loft will come together. Below you can see the finished pieces. I am looking forward to filming some Get Ready With Me videos, so be on the lookout. Now you have the behind the scenes, let me know if you have any design ideas in the comments below.