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VLOG: How to Professionally Blow Dry and Curl Your Hair

Today I am so excited!! Matt is coming over to the loft to play. We were talking about how I love getting my hair blown out and how it impacts my confidence. It’s amazing how beautiful you can feel with a proper blowout and curl. We decided it would be fun to get together and create a “how to” video for us all to see the magic behind the scenes of a professional blowout. I learned so much from him, feels like I took a course in beauty school!!

I had some fun with this video, and did a fast paced get ready with me make up segment. If you are interested in a more in depth video on my makeup, let me know in the comments below!!

I love Matt’s hairdryer so much, it reminds me of a spaceship. I have to admit, I felt like a princess having my hairdresser come over to my place. I think I am going to need to make this a new habit. 😉

Matt is so much fun, but I did have some big take aways:

  • Natural bristle brushes are best to help create shine in your hair.
  • Blow dry roots first and then sections.
  • Do not pull the brush, but roll it back and forth.
  • Product will help to give the results you are looking for and protect your hair.
  • There are three zones to your hair: root, mid-shaft, and end.
  • Sea salt spray is amazing for volume at the root.
  • Leave in conditioner helps to protect your hair from heat.
  • The bigger nozzle for the dryer is for roots, and the smaller for curls and ends.
  • Do not start using your brush until your hair is 80% dry.
  • Use lower heat on curling iron, keep it in the 200 degrees range, not 400 degrees.
  • A proper blowout can last a couple of days.

Self care is important to feeling good and keeping a high vibration. When you have hair that looks and feels amazing, it’s interesting to notice how you instantly want to go out and have fun. Having my hair done impacts my mood so much and can be a quick fix if I need a pick me up or if I am feeling low.

Much like anything, having the proper tools and products create the best result. One thing I noticed Matt say over and over again is to take your time with the steps. I don’t have him over to the loft everyday and now I am excited to play with the things I learned. This is going to be my new pampering routine. To give myself a professional blowout and curl to last me a couple of days. I think I will be watching this one a few times to get all of the steps down. 😉

Let me know in the comments below: What was your favorite take away and how are you going to step up your hair game? Tools, products, time? Would love to hear what you are implementing.





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    July 19, 2017

    Love the hair video. Looked like so much fun! Can Matt come to the east coast? Better yet, maybe a book an appt with him when I visit you in September!!

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      Kayla Ann

      August 4, 2017

      Thanks Lynn!! We were talking about asking him to come 😉 LOVE YOU!!!