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VLOG: Behind the scenes on workshop day

Today on the Vlog, I take you behind the scenes on workshop day. This is what my weekends look like, a little bit of work infused with a little bit of play. As an online entrepreneur with ambition like mine, it is definitely difficult to have days off. My weekends are typically full of work to accommodate my client’s schedules. Most people are available for classes, workshops, and sessions during this time. I have worked every weekend for the past couple of years. This year I created my own sacred day where I do not schedule anything (love my Thursdays). This is why I love living where I do because every day is a beautiful view and it inspires me to bring my A game.

I absolutely love what I do and have a huge passion for the work it takes to make this empire come to life. Here is one of my favorite spots to work and have business meetings, The Lodge in Pebble Beach. This is a five minute drive down the road from mom’s house so it is super convenient with our busy schedules as well.

After class it is always nice to indulge in a treat to break up the day. I have a lot of preparation in the mornings for class and my energy routine. When I get to play during the day it makes me more productive and also allows me to live a little and not be cooped up in the office all day. I love me a great glass of wine to soak up the views. Today I also indulged in some comfort food although my go to is usually their salad. #AMAZEBALLS

Fun fact: Mom dreamt about this place before we ever saw it and she saw me in a white dress. I wonder if that vision will ever happen here… 😉

Every day I see this view, and it never gets old. I stopped and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and allowed gratitude to surround my heart. I work my ass off, but I am truly so blessed and full of joy for every moment of it. For those of you who join my online workshops I absolutely wake up every morning and think about how much I adore you. You are my reason. You are behind every creation that pours out of my heart. I love sharing my life with you, and for those of you who are reading and watching, I welcome you. Let’s create some magic in each of our lives together.

I have a little clip from class in the Vlog, there is a funny moment with mom. I would love to hear from you in the comments below!! Let me know what you love about the moons and also what you would like to see more of on the Vlog!

I love you.. xo

July 8, 2017