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The Goddess Rebellion Intro


Welcome to the Goddess Rebellion my love <3

In true rebellion fashion… I will start with this idea. Hang tight and just feel into this. If you want to turn any part of your life around, it starts with a simple choice. This choice is you. I happen to have an amazing life. I am happy and content to my core. I have not always been able to say this. Even in this state of happiness, there are areas of my life I would like to elevate and create an even happier state of happiness… anyone with me?

I am working on getting back into my movement and health groove after so much time off, as well as opening up to new love this year. What would you like to elevate? Whatever we desire, whatever is on our vision boards, Pinterest boards, or wishes deep in our hearts, they can happen. Our work is releasing and aligning. As we grow ourselves, we bump up against old patterns of behavior that no longer serves us.

The Goddess Rebellion is for those that want to use “your stubborn” for you and to take back control of your energy! This is a place for guidance on helping each other get out of ruts, feeling stuck and just not happy with where our lives are going. We are going to let go of controlling the things we can’t and take back the control we can, like our energy and the energy around us! I will be creating content here for those of us that would love to make movement in our lives. Join me on this journey for the rest of the year.

A rebel is someone that stand up for what they think is right and does not let other people “think” for them. They do not conform to the popular opinion. They are non conformists. They do not “accommodate” or defer to others first and put themselves last. Someone who believes in what they believe in. And isn’t afraid to say it. Strong-willed. Someone who had independence in thought and action. Someone that can connect to others without needing validation. Basically, a grown ass woman or man! This isn’t about hate or doing the opposite of everyone else, this is about thinking and taking action that feels good to you. Free will.


Disclaimer: Anyone that knows me knows I am resistant to rules. I love freedom, I am all about freedom. There are rules I follow, rules I break, and rules I will watch and see. That being said, some rules are good for us. They provide structure and they provide safety. These rules are more guidelines and helpful for life. So be open 🙂

  1. You are not broken. You are growing and reaching new levels of alignment.
  2. You have control. You can choose you at any point. It is never too late.
  3. Gentle lessons. We can get further faster, when we release extreme ideas/plans.

If you want happiness… release self hate.

You might think that you have self love all figured out.  I would say that most of us, dare I say all of us are not without some self hate. Feel guilty? worry at all? Anxiety? Anything less than pure love and grace is rooted in fear. Self hate is fear.  Every time we compare ourselves to another we slap on more layers of self hate.

This can be easily healed.

Maybe I should qualify that. It is a simple choice. However, we can make any decision painful and drawn it out if we want.  We can try to over think this or complicate that. But it all boils down to making a choice. It isn’t a feeling that comes over you, it is simply a choice we make… So instead of making life altering choices, all we have to do is simply make small simple choices, that build momentum into true energy shifts.

Today I want you to make a choice that feels good. Take time to feel into a situation and allow yourself the opportunity to let your intuition have a voice. Sit quietly. Ask your intuition (your higher self) to show you what would be the best decision for you.  Large or small doesn’t matter, either will shift your energy. Make the decision to jump in the driver seat at least once a day.

I would love to hear about a choice you made that felt amazing. Let’s start a revolution of rebels taking back control.

xo Traci

~the Goddess Rebellion

P. S.The comments are a great way to keep the inspiration going!  Let’s get inspired. Share what is working and what choices feel good to you!

August 30, 2017