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Discount Sessions


Modern Soul Society is a place of safety, a place of healing and a place to dream again. 

We are very excited to announce that we are able to now offer discounted sessions to work with our junior partners, and energy interns, Jenna and Jessica! They have been working with us for a couple of years developing their skills, learning clearing and working with their medium intuitive skills. They are very excited to work with you. All of their work and sessions are supervised by Kayla and I.

We know that getting insight into the energy and healing is an investment. Kayla and I have really booked schedules and there are those that would love some healing and clearing guidance and it is helpful to have a lower price point. We know you will grow to love them as much as you love us!

Meet Jenna and Jessica: 

Jenna, on the left, is the clearing, detaching and psychic wonder. She has been working with all types of clearing energy, being able to heal and detach others. She is able to see into the energy and know what is off and what needs to be done to gain movement. She is the best at chord cutting and getting relief from toxic or negative people in our lives. She loves all things anime, gaming and reads for fun.

Jessica, on the right, is gifted in card reading and crystal healing. She loves being able to help others gain insight into what is in their energy, what next steps to take, what crystals will help and also clearing your energy. She is also a medium and tends to get messages from the other side, often. She is able to laugh about it now, she had an elderly woman from the other side come to her to help find her cookbook. She loves all things Dr. Who and Harry Potter. 

Both of these ladies have a heart of gold and desire to serve others. They love working on expanding and growing their gifts and their ability to help others do the same. We can’t wait to work with some of you more deeply!




We dusted off our Crystal Baby Session and have brought it back this month. In this session you will receive a card reading on a topic that you desire. There will be 6-9 cards with guidance on what is in the energy and how to move through the blocks. You will have a full energy clearing of all of your chakras. We will also determine what crystals would best work with your energy and the current situation that you are working through. This is an amazing way to gain insight into what is going on in the energy, what the blocks are and what are the first steps to gain movement. You will receive an detailed report BY EMAIL with all of the card, crystals and guidance. These sessions are available with Jessica under our supervision. You will be asked to email your current situation you want guidance around at the time of purchase.



We have created a new session for you. So many of you are taking the manifesting class and just want added guidance specific to you and your situation. We get so excited to bring in our dreams and manifest like a mofo, and yet sometimes we feel a block. In this session you are able to ask two specific questions and gain information, guidance in each as well as help with what are the best next steps. We will be doing clearing work around this issue and any chord cutting/clearing/detaching that needs to happen to get relief. We also do some healing work around your heart chakra in clearing clusters and any negative energy that may have gotten stuck there. You may notice feeling off, tired, more in doubt than normal, and just not yourself. This is all cleared. You will receive a detailed report BY EMAIL with all answers, information that came forward, guidance and next steps along with anything that came up in the clearing. These sessions are available with Jenna under our supervision. You will be asked to email your questions at the time of purchase.



We created a 30 minutes session that is on a live call. We use the Zoom platform. In this session we will be doing clearing and healing work around a certain issue that has come up. Often times we have had a home clearing but can feel some extra energy that we need help removing. We may also being going through a bit of a crisis in the energy and just need some help. We find this is helpful with breakups, moving or transition, really chaotic work issues that aren’t going away, or just about anything that is causing more stress or anxiety than normal. We will be doing live clearing work around this issue and any chord cutting/clearing/detaching that needs to happen to get relief. These sessions are available with Jenna or Jessica under our supervision. Once your purchase this session, we will schedule your time. Sometimes you just need some clarity and relief to get moving. This would be like changing a flat tire on the energy freeway!! Looking forward to working with you <3



This is a session that involves clearing your space energetically. Home clearings are very detailed and thorough and we will be doing a ton of healing and clearing with everyone in the home. I have included a video below to answer any questions you might have with home clearings and what is involved. We clear the land, the home, all negative energy is removed. This process can take from 2-4 hours. you will get a detailed report BY EMAIL after the session. These sessions are available with Jenna and Jessica under our supervision. This is the most cost effective way to get relief in your home environment. This is always something we recommend as our homes greatly impact us.