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Energy Clearing

Instant relief and movement.

Energy clearing is necessary for modern sensitives. We pick up on so many things; people, family, work, strangers, social media, and even the other side. Our rule of thumb is that if you are feeling anything less than joy, it can be cleared. So many times we get tired or stuck and we blame it on our food, or our outer circumstance. With energy clearing, you will experience instant relief from headaches, stress, anxiety, worry, heaviness, aches, pains, and any other symptom of this. Yes, we have seen time and time again symptoms lift in seconds with this work. 




Trauma Energy Healing

Deep trauma removed from your body.

If you are looking for something deeper than a clearing this session is really great for you. If you are feeling stuck, ready for the next step, and are open for deep healing, this is an excellent step in your healing journey. As sensitives we store trauma on an energetic level. This energy can keep us from forward motion. Our bodies are amazing story tellers and will guide the healing and let us know where this energy is stored. This blocked energy can manifest itself in different areas of your life. Whether you are stuck financially, emotionally, physically…. this healing is beneficial to you. Most of our significant struggles are often tied to wounds we have in love. When we heal and restore, it naturally spills over into other areas of our lives. This is why we don’t have to fix everything at once. Start with one area that is the most uncomfortable and it will affect every area. 

The type of energy healing we offer is gentle yet carries huge impact on your success. Traci is channeling a healing power using modalities that are new for this modern world. This is not reiki, this is not sound healing, this is a brand new technique using channeled healing.

This is a gentle session with deep healing. Some feel energized right away and others may need to take a nap after the energy work so prepare for that in your schedule. Most energy will leave within one week of session where you will feel 1000 times better than before. 




Home / Business Clearing

Modern day ghostbusters infused with feng sui.

This is an energetic clearing of your home or business. We will remove any darker energy that is negatively impacting you and your loved ones. Energy is something that we do not see, but we feel and see the affects in our lives. This is a powerful way to get instant relief and change your life overnight. This is one of the most powerful ways we can take back our energy. Most do not realize how impacted you are by energy. Sensitives are facing a chronic crisis of adrenal fatigue that is causing havoc in our lives. This is because we are in constant fight or flight mode in our homes. We may not realize how much we are impacted by energy, but energy is real. It is like a scary movie is playing on tv while you are trying to sleep. It just isn’t well rested sleep, because you are in heightened status. I have a super clear home all the time. I need my home to be safe and clear OF EVERYTHING. This is always the best practice to go along with healing and clearing. 




Manifesting & Clarity

Get action steps towards your dreams and desires.

In order to manifest our desires, we need to have clarity on what we are bringing in and organization in the action steps we need to take to see results. Sometimes there are energetic blocks that need to be cleared to help the path for your dreams to reach you. Sometimes the relief and clarity we are looking for can be found after the clearing. Taking action can bring up a lot of triggers and insecurities. Some of this can be cleared, and other parts are helpful to be coached through and allow the inner work to take place. This session will give you a clear place to start or it can help you along the process. If you are new to manifesting this can be the biggest small step you will take. 



Mentoring Session with Traci

Dive deep into energy management and manifesting.

This session is really great for you if you are looking for guidance to help get you to the next level in your life. If you are looking to break income goals, awaken spiritual gifts, find more happiness and purpose in your career, or simply to learn how best to manage your energy. These sessions are focused on getting you forward movement in your life. Coaching with Traci and Kayla give you the missing piece: ENERGY. Everything is energy. This will elevate any coaching experience you have had. Mentoring with Traci and Kayla will give you two perspectives and intuition for the guidance you receive. Energy is everything and while these sessions are not focused on energy healing by itself, this may come up naturally. You will find clearing around situations that are holding you down and find flow and movement again.




If you need help deciding which session is best for you, please feel free to reach out. We can tune in and see which option is best and will provide you the most relief. Everyone’s energy is different and no path is the same. We love you!!

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