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If you are looking for something deeper than a clearing this session is really great for you. If you are feeling stuck, ready for the next step, and are open for deep healing, this is an excellent step in your healing journey. As sensitives we store trauma on an energetic level. This energy can keep us from forward motion. Our bodies are amazing story tellers and will guide the healing and let us know where this energy is stored. This blocked energy can manifest itself in different areas of your life. Whether you are stuck financially, emotionally, physically…. this healing is beneficial to you. The type of energy healing we offer is gentle yet carries huge impact on your success. Traci is channeling a healing power using modalities that are new for this modern world. This is not reiki, this is not sound healing, this is a brand new technique using channeled healing with the pendulum.

This is a gentle session with deep healing. Kayla will guide you in meditation while your body tells us where the trauma is stored in your body. Some feel energized right away and others may need to take a nap after the energy work so prepare for that in your schedule. Most energy will leave within one week of session where you will feel 1000 times better than before.

After payment is received we can book a session, week and weekend sessions are available.

Please send email to: with receipt of payment.

Sessions are 1 hour and can be via video or phone.


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