Manifesting and Clarity Call




Get action steps towards your dreams and desires.

In order to manifest our desires, we need to have clarity on what we are bringing in and organization in the action steps we need to take to see results. Sometimes there are energetic blocks that need to be cleared to help the path for your dreams to reach you. Sometimes the relief and clarity we are looking for can be found after the clearing. Taking action can bring up a lot of triggers and insecurities. Some of this can be cleared, and other parts are helpful to be coached through and allow the inner work to take place. This session will give you a clear place to start or it can help you along the process. If you are new to manifesting this can be the biggest small step you will take. 



If manifesting is your focus, this is a great way for you to get expert advice tailored to you. Kayla has such contagious energy and can help you get the excitement you are missing in your own routine. There is a safe space for you to show up like shit and be authentic in your frustrations, and leave them on the table. The next step is changing the energy and diving into your dreams. Kayla is channeling Goddess who is Abraham for the modern soul. This special experience is connecting to source that guides each session. This is a very individualized experience and not a cookie cutter routine.



After payment is received we can book a session, week and weekend sessions are available.

Please send email to: with receipt of payment.

Sessions are 1 hour and can be via video or phone.

Replays are available.


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