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Listen to this podcast to hear a testimonial on how this space clearing can change your life overnight!!

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Modern day ghostbusters infused with feng sui.

This is an energetic clearing of your home or business. We will remove any darker energy that is negatively impacting you and your loved ones. Energy is something that we do not see, but we feel and see the affects in our lives. This is a powerful way to get instant relief and change your life overnight. This is one of the most powerful ways we can take back our energy. Most do not realize how impacted you are by energy. Sensitives are facing a chronic crisis of adrenal fatigue that is causing havoc in our lives. This is because we are in constant fight or flight mode in our homes. We may not realize how much we are impacted by energy, but energy is real. It is like a scary movie is playing on tv while you are trying to sleep. It just isn’t well rested sleep, because you are in heightened status. I have a super clear home all the time. I need my home to be safe and clear OF EVERYTHING. This is always the best practice to go along with healing and clearing. 





Space clearing is one of the most effective ways to change your life. Most do not even know what space clearing is… let alone the benefits. We often FEEL the effects of crappy energy in our home and work place without realizing that is what it is.

Do you feel different in certain parts of your home or office? Do you get the creepy vibe when walking down the hall or in a certain room? Do you notice that you don’t even like being in a certain room? Or argue more in one area than another? Do you feel anxious or have trouble sleeping at night?

So many of us have been looking for the answers but we do not understand the source. We take sleeping pills, anxiety meds, constantly at the doctor or yoga studio to try and fix the “problems”.

What if YOU were not the problem. What if you were taking the wrong prescription because of misdiagnosis? There are many layers to “energy”. The beautiful part about this is that you don’t need to understand energy, read a book or join a recovery program to get instant relief NOW!

We clear homes all the time. There are energy memories stored in your homes and work spaces. There are ghosts and spirits that are hanging around and causing you to lose sleep or just feel drained in your own home. We remove all the negative energy in your home permanently and effectively. We provide a deep thorough clean that will last for almost a year.

If you pick up on other crappy energy and bring it home that can easily be removed and cleared with a small clearing at any time. You will not ever have to feel bad in your own home again.

We get so many emails daily asking for help with paranoia, anxiety, sleep issues, and just stuck energy. Most often it is a ghost that is super easy for us to remove. We are most people’s dirty little secret. No one wants to talk about this stuff, but let me assure you, EVERYONE has it in their homes. I haven’t met a home yet that didn’t need to be cleared.

We are the modern ghostbusters. Who are you gonna call? We have cleared thousands of people with amazing results. Are you ready to experience relief today?





Home Clearings are one of our favorite things to do. It provides lasting relief and is often the root of so many of our issues at home. With home clearings we provide a very thorough clearing on many levels.

We clear the energy of your home. We make sure that the energy in the home is moving freely throughout. We clear the land energy, anything that might be affecting you from the land. We clear all the metaphysical that is negatively impacting you. This includes many levels of metaphysical that are not seen by most. We clear the energy imprints or memories in the home. We clear all the rooms to make sure that there is no stuck energy.

We clear all the people that live in the home, including auras, chakras and elements. We clear energies that are tied to generations and your ancestors. What we love about this type of clearing is that it is healing on so many levels and you can finally get the relief and peace that should be in your home.

We have had so many lovely souls say that they now feel good in their homes, no more creepy vibes, they are able to get good rest and deep sleep. They feel a sense of hope and inspiration and often start deep cleaning and re decorating or finishing those home projects on the back burner.

Having a safe and energy clear home is the foundation for any additional healing and self care practices. Isn’t it time to stop taking sleep or anxiety medications when the real issue is the energy in your home? That is why they don’t work!





Business clearing is crucial to your business. Whether you have on online business or a brick and mortar business, energy is impacting it, whether you realize it or not. If you have stuck energy or just not seeing the results you are hoping for in business, clearing is the answer.

We have a podcast where we interviewed a beautiful soul on the effects of a business clearing. We love Corina and her story is inspiring. Her business was located in a  historic downtown location that used to be the county jail. Kayla and I noticed right away that there was a ton of ghosts and spirits in their building. It was uncomfortable being there and they noticed that there wasn’t any walk in traffic.



Additionally, there was some unknown employee issues with theft and sabotage. After the clearing, the store felt much more inviting and the employee problems had come to the surface to be dealt with. The theft was brought to light and was resolved very quickly. They started to experience walk in traffic, phones ringing off the hook, desired collaborations coming to them. They immediately started a mini remodel makeover because there was new hope and inspiration with the new energy.

These beautiful souls weren’t broken or bad at business, they just had negative energy affecting their business. The results of the business clearing were fast and lasting. If you would like to listen to this podcast of this interview you can hear for yourself the excitement and relief that came from the business clearing.

If you are feeling stuck, blocked from creativity, blocked from customers, or the space just feels off and people aren’t wanting to stay or even come in the front door, a business clearing is just what you need.





Do I need to know anything about energy for a home clearing to work?

No you do not need to understand the energy clearing. Typically what we see, is there is relief first. Then the questions come and the desire to learn more about energy happens.

What is energy clearing?

What we have found is that most of us are impacted deeply by the energy around us. Most of this energy is not seen or understood. We feel the effects of energy, i.e. depressed, sad, sluggish, or manic to name a few. We clear the stuck energy that is in the home or in you. Think of it like a free-flowing river that has gotten backed up with trash and gunk and the water can’t get through so it festers and becomes unhealthy. Once the blocks are removed, the water, or in this case, energy is free flowing again and health naturally restores to a balanced state.

Do I need to do anything before a home clearing?

No. Usually what happens in the energy is that what is bothering you, or keeping you stuck, gets stirred up the week before so that it is ready to leave when we clear the energy. You may notice old stories, old memories, or just random thoughts that you thought you had buried long ago rise up to the surface. This is normal and is the energy getting ready for healing and releasing.

Do you physically come to my home to clear?

Typically no we do not. Most of our clients are all over the globe and we clear the homes remotely. We can do it in person if you are near us, locally. It is just as effective in person as well as remotely.

Will I feel anything during a clearing?

You will feel the difference. Most notice what is missing. It is like noticing the headache after it is gone. You may also notice that you feel neutral in your home space. Where you once felt you were being watched or had creepy feelings, or even felt agitated, that should all be gone. You may find yourself cleaning and re-organizing as well as decorating or purging your home after the clearing. You should drink water as we also clear the people in the home and water helps the toxins to move through the body more quickly.

Do the other members of my home need to know about the clearing?

Not necessarily, if the home is negatively affecting you, you have energetic permission to have it cleared. Not everyone needs to understand what is happening for it to work. If you want to clear a home or business that is not directly related to you, we would need to discuss this with you first.

Do you clear away my loved ones or angels in the home?

We only clear what is harmful or negatively affecting you. All angels or family members that are working with your highest good will stay in the home. We only work on removing  the negative side of energy with clearing.

What is metaphysical?

We are all affected by metaphysical. If we have a guardian angel with us, we often feel good and happier, more aligned. If we have a darker, lower energy around us, we end up feeling off, sad, or depleted. Most often we get fatigued. Metaphysical can be in the form of a ghost, a spirit, an entity, or other unexplained types of energy. We remove metaphysical that most healers and energy workers cannot see or feel.

Energy is evolving and so is the practices we use to heal our homes and land with a new form of energy. There are also energy imprints that are stored in our homes that we can feel however, they just need to be removed. Think an energy memory stuck in the house energy. It isn’t metaphysical, but feels like it. I like to think of Harry Potter where we see the headlines on a newspaper actually playing out like a movie screen. It is still just a snapshot, not the actual occurrence. We place protection around the home after we are done clearing.

How long will this last?

The metaphysical and imprints we clear are gone for good. The energy in the home needs maintenance of course, and if new metaphysical comes in, that can be cleared right away. Often people are told to sage their homes. This will help the effects of metaphysical in the home for about an hour. Sage is not permanent or long lasting. More like taking an antacid pill with heartburn, gives some relief.

Is there personal healing that goes into the home clearing?

Yes we infuse personal healing along with the home clearing. We clear auras, elements and/or chakras. We clear clusters. Clusters are energy in our auras that get stuck. They are collected from others in our lives that get jealous or super angry and upset and send negative energy our way. They can feel awful in that it leaks our energy so we feel sluggish, often stuck in doubt and fear. They can only be removed from this healing method. We clear everyone in the home. We infuse everyone with love and light.

Do you clear pets?

Yes we love our fur babies and they get cleared and healed along with everyone in the home!







  1. We will need a rough sketch of your home. This does not have to be perfect. Just the walls, doors, walkways, labeled rooms (i.e. kitchen) as well as the physical address. (include garage, but no need to include the yard)
  2. We need the names of everyone in the home and pets.
  3. Email us the sketch and list of everyone in the home and we will set up an appointment for the clearing.
  4. The clearing is done remotely. We will give you an email with all the details of what we cleared and any impressions. We will answer any questions you may have with the results. Just know that anything we uncover is gone, so it is just information.



  1. We will need a rough sketch of the business. This does not have to be perfect. Just the walls, doors, walkways etc…
  2. We need the business address and any websites.
  3. Email us the sketch, business info and any business partners that you work with (not collaborations) and we will set up an appointment for the clearing.
  4. The clearing is done remotely. We will give you an email with all the details of what we cleared and any impressions. We will answer any questions you may have with the results. Just know that anything we uncover is gone, so it is just information.

*choose either home OR business.. this is not a combination package*



Email sketches and information along with receipt to admin@modernsoulsociety.com

We place space clearing as top priority and will be done the same week as plans are received.

Feel free to send email for additional questions. 🙂


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