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Traci and Kayla are a mother daughter collaboration who are bringing their personalities and experience to inspire your morning and make you laugh. This is a modern approach to energy management and manifesting. These two are hilarious, while at the same time teaching spiritual lessons. They have an energy about them that will leave you craving more. Vogue meets Gilmore Girls meets Spirituality. These women will steal your hearts.

Our podcast is a morning show where we give you a behind the scenes look into our personal lives while guiding you through the energy of life. We each give a unique perspective and a ton of humor in our teachings. This is the modern way to learn about energy on the go. Careful, once you listen you may catch yourself “netflix binging” .. it happens to the best of us.

We LOVE hearing from you!! If you leave a review on our podcast, we return the favor with a free meditation. All you need to do is forward your review to traciandkayla@gmail.com and you can get your free copy. Thank you for listening and we so appreciate your time.


“This show makes my heart so happy!! These two amazing women know how to tell stories, make you laugh, and inspire you in just 30 minutes!!!”

“Traci and Kayla are simply amazing. I immediately fell in love. They topics they discuss, their approach, the WAY they explain thing – it all makes perfect sense. I’ve listened to 18 episodes in the last 7 days and each one resonated with me. Some episodes make me want to cry because they get it.”

” Would give a hundred stars if I could. Amazing and so grounding. These two bring light to my morning every morning. It’s what I look forward to on a daily basis. So upbeat and funny and positive, it is helping me through some tough stuff. Thanks T and K, you are rays of sunshine. ”

“I can’t even imagine my mornings anymore without Traci and Kayla being a part of it. First thing I do when I wake up is listen to the “good morning beautiful” meditation from Kayla and then hop on the morning show train. It starts my day off the right way and keeps the flow going for the remainder of the day! Keep up the good work darling ladies. Love love love you 🙂 “

Kayla and I really enjoy the podcast. It is another way for us to connect with you on a deeper level and laugh. We have such a good time, laughing and remembering the lighter side of life. Yes energy is everything and we are in constant relation to it, however, the most important thing is to feel good. We infuse love, laughter and ways we get the energy up and moving. We want you to have the life of your dreams. There are times it takes effort, times it takes rest, and times it takes putting down the to do list and just having some fun. Come join us on this journey of connection through our own journey of the soul.

xo Traci & Kayla


August 22, 2016