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MODERN SOUL SOCIETY PODCAST: EPISODE 013 ~ Being Worthy vs Deserving


We have all said at least once in our life, “I deserve _____.” This doesn’t seem so bad at first, but the energy behind it can be very judgmental. We are basically saying to the universe that we have endured pain and are asking for compensation with heavy expectation. This isn’t how manifesting works. We need to feel worthy of our desires.

For example:

Let’s say that I say out loud to the universe and declare “I deserve a medal for a marathon.” The universe doesn’t owe me a thing. I have not trained, signed up for, or have even run the marathon. In that moment, I am making a choice to begin the action. When I declare “I am worthy of a marathon medal” it then creates opportunity in my mind for those action steps to take place.

This is how we start to take ownership for the things we create in our life. Here is a small way to shift the mindset and start creating movement in your life and intentions.

We love getting to know you and hope that this episode has helped to inspire some movement and confidence. xo Kayla


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February 28, 2018