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Modern Soul Society Podcast: EPISODE 002 ~ What is Intention Setting?

Intention setting is a powerful way that you can start to feel back in control of your life. Sometimes it can feel as though life is happening to us and we are just reacting and waiting for something good to happen to us. We can feel behind, or like life skipped over us. No more feeling like life handed us the shit stick. This is how we can truly start shifting our life to see what we want to achieve. We can start to see the benefits of intention settings right now in this moment. This is where we can build confidence in ourselves and actually believe in ourselves. The really cool part about it, is that we start to see magic happen in our life.

What intention can you set right now in this moment? We would love to see, come hang out with us on social media and share.

We love getting to know you and hope that this episode has helped to inspire some movement and confidence.

xo Kayla


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