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Modern Soul Society Podcast: Episode 001 ~ Shaking off the Previous Year


Last year was a “DOOZ-EY” of a year, am I right?! We are bringing in the new year with a new look, new attitude, and new podcast. For those of you who have been a fan of our morning show, we brought back the podcast in a new shiny way to celebrate. Sometimes you need a new start to really let go of the past. This year is going to be a lighter year and we can all take a breath of fresh air. In this episode, we give some examples and tools to help you navigate starting the new year with the right foot forward.

What can you commit to for the next 30 days to help kickstart your new you?

We love getting to know you and hope that this episode has helped to inspire some movement and confidence. Cheers to the new year!!

xo Kayla


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December 31, 2017