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VLOG: Meet My Fur-babies | Lacey and Nash

Animals have always been one of my favorite connections. Growing up, I always had a pet that was all my own. We had a family dog, but I have always had a cat companion. People that get to know me on a deep level say that I am much like a cat. We found out that my youngest sister was allergic to cats which set my search towards the puppies. I chose one that was pretty close to a cat in size, in fact most cats are larger than little Lacey Lou. I have had Lacey for ten years now. She has been with me through most of my adult life. She has followed me to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and now she gets to enjoy her “retirement” by the ocean. She has always been there for me and as silly as it may seem, I really couldn’t imagine life without her. She has turned my heart to dogs and I cherish our little love story.

Nash was adopted by mom last summer. He is a shepherd mix who was ditched by his owners and rescued on Christmas day. Another fun fact is that his birthday is Valentine’s Day. He is a Romeo and charmer. He likes to hold your hand for hours and will lay by your side. Sometimes he thinks he is a cat and will rub on your legs. He can speak some english in the morning, when you come out he says “Good Morning” in his Scooby Doo voice. It is hilarious.

In the vlog, I take our little darlings on a walk in the woods near the ocean. We are walking in Pebble Beach right in mom’s backyard. Lacey has a little stroller that we bring for longer walks since she gets tired with her little feet. I always get some funny looks with the two of them being so different in size, but I think the stroller is truly the cherry on top for this comedic pair. They both love “walk-ies” so much and light up whenever we pull the stroller out. That is their cue that they get their longer journey.

Lacey and Nash are both adorable. For those of you who are looking for happiness, animals really do add so much more to your life. I don’t trust people who don’t love my fur babies, LOL. I hope you enjoy our little walk in the woods and find yourself smiling a bit brighter today. From all of us, we love you and Happy Summer!!!!

For those of you wondering about Nash’s leash, it is not a muzzle. This is called a gentle lead and does not harm the animal. This is not to restrain Nash. He is very strong and if he gets excited, he can accidentally pull you down like a horse. It is also for his safety so he does not run away. He loves his lead since it means he gets to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Nash is a sweetheart and would never harm a fly.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below, what is your favorite fur-baby and how did you meet?