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Inspiration vs Feeling Stuck

In this podcast episode, we talk about how to stay in inspiration. Often times we are afraid if we don’t do it all, inspiration will leave. This takes the fun right out of creating and creates expectation and obligation. We want to dwell and dance in Inspiration. We find that the all or nothing mentality doesn’t work well here. Embracing the phase and trusting the process are at the core of inspiration.

One might ask WHY? Why do we dwell in inspiration? There are many reasons why. First of all, it feels good. When we get inspired, there is a spark in us, an excitement that shows up and it is contagious! Another reason is that this is how we “soften” in our energy. Many of the answers and insights are right there inside of us but we can’t access them through our thinking brain. We have to follow intuition and inspiration.

So when we play and dabble in creativity, all of a sudden we start getting ideas and insight on how to navigate through life.

Another reason is because this is where manifesting lives. You need to feel inspired because it turns you to hope. Hope is how we find the strength to pivot and create the movement that matters. If you feel stuck in any area of your life, then dwelling in inspiration will give you the energy and motivation (aka excitement) to do something and this will create movement in every area of your life.

Another good question is HOW? How does one dwell in inspiration? This is one of those things that will depend on the person. Magazines, TV shows, Youtube, many different places I have been able to find inspiration.  Last year I became obsessed with #fixer upper on HGTV. I loved the dynamic of the couple and how the show flowed. Now am I wanting to have my own fixer upper? No. I love that it works for them. But I loved how they branded an empire and how two people with two personalities blended together so well on the show and it just worked.

Kayla and I also fell in love with Beyonce’s Lemonade Album, the movie. The music didn’t make sense to us until we saw the film. The story telling and the way she weaved in eclectic collaboration, that was inspiring. Today we love beauty vlogs and meal prep videos… they are fun, easy and that is what we are looking for right now in our own lives and the business.

Dwelling involves searching for it, like a scavenger hunt. It is an adventure and is supposed to be fun, not just another “to-do” project.



While shooting the vlog: HAIR DAY Spend the day with me   we found so much inspiration that was infectious!! Kayla was talking to Matt about the vlog and how excited she was. He agreed to be part of the vlog! Then they started talking about inspiration and being creative and by the end of a four hour hair appointment, they had created a whole new segment on the vlog on hair. How cool is that?!?! It doesn’t stop there.

Kayla went to Lush to grab some bath bombs for the vlog: Three ways to feel good today,  the ladies in the store noticed Kayla filming, and  immediately asked if she was a “youtuber”. They wanted to be part of it and offered the shop to film and wanted to be a part of it. Kayla didn’t have to push or try and make it happen, it flowed from inspiration.

There is an ease in Inspiration that happens where time and space expand, life gets fun and answers come. This is the way to alignment.

Alignment is simply being on the path for your life and purpose. It really feels good! We hope you enjoy this podcast and we would really like to hear from you. I know that it takes a few extra minutes to comment and to like, but we really appreciate the love while we are creating this movement to feel good.

If you feel inspired to leave a comment on what inspires you, how you dwell in inspiration, or ways to inspire that would be so awesome!!! We love sharing this experience with you <3

Have an amazing week!

xo Traci & Kayla

June 10, 2017