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How to get out of a rut

When you feel stuck, sometimes the quickest way to change your surroundings is to switch up your routine. Getting in a rut can stem from being bored in our day to day activities. Seasons change, schedules change, and so should our routines. Routines create safety for us and we need that safety in order to take risk creating the life we want. Today I get cozy over coffee with you to connect and talk about small ways to shift things up that can have big impact in your life. I have changed some things in my morning and evening routine, that are already shifting my productivity and goals.

Our tendency is dive in and create HUGE change. We go on crazy diets, spending sprees, and other distractions thinking it will give us fast change and good feelings. What happens is, we create a three day trend in our life rather than a lasting routine with impact.

Summer is here and that means that the tourist traffic and kiddos are out to play. I have made a few shifts to my morning routine to help me stay on track for a high vibration day. Remember that we don’t have to go gangbusters, small steps do create impact.

  1. Waking up earlier
  2. Getting to the gym
  3. Actually eating breakfast

Our evenings play a big role in our happiness as well. I like to practice self care at night because I feel that it gives me a level up in the morning. These routines are constant in my everyday life.

  1. Turn off phone
  2. Drink Tea
  3. Skin Care

Watch the video above for a deeper look into why I have chosen these small steps and how it truly can shift your mood and help you get out of a rut.

Be sure to stay for the end, MAJOR BLOOPER that almost cost me my white carpet.. LOL

Let me know in the comments below, What are YOU going to shift in your routine?


July 8, 2017