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Modern Soul Society has been growing and evolving just like you! We love providing ways to find relief and clarity and here we have combined some of our favorite “freebies”. If you are new to Modern Soul Society/Traci & Kayla you will find this is a great way to get to know us a little deeper and find some inspiration in a fun, modern way!






Welcome to our podcast! We love spending time each week talking about feeling good and moving through blocks! We have three seasons so plenty to “Netflix Binge” and we also share tons of behind the scenes information. We have listed a few below that are fan favorites:





We have updated our YOUTUBE to include a very modern twist on a manifesting lifestyle VLOG with Kayla. Here she takes you on a weekly journey into the behind the scenes and personal way that she lives her life as an online manifesting teacher. Here is where passion meets purpose. Expect a new video each week with tips and ideas on how to feel better now while creating the life you always wanted!

We also have other videos on horoscope monthly readings and other videos to help you raise your vibration.






“Kayla Ann is the voice of the Modern Soul. Her meditations are so powerful and relevant to this Modern Age. She has a fresh approach to meditation. You will find passion, inspiration, feeling, soul and empowerment. It doesn’t matter how you feel, it can always be turned around. Energy moves quickly when in alignment. Kayla Ann helps us move our energy and blocks so that we can create higher vibration and manifest our dreams.”

You can have free access to two FREE meditation albums: CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO MEDITATIONSĀ 

Meditations for the Modern Soul:

Transform Your Fear

Confident Butterfly

Release What Holds You Back

Pity Party Bath: (for feeling the feels)

Clear It Out

Feel the Feels

Choose a Different Vibration




Welcome to the Modern Sensitive Free Online Course. We are so excited to be offering you this fresh and updated course for the modern soul. Many of us identify as sensitive as in an empath, HSP, Light Worker, Intuitive, Lightworker, Helper. There are many ways we can be sensitive.

In this course, we will be talking about what it is like to be a sensitive, no matter what type. Most of us know all too well the downside to sensitivity. We feel the curse more than the gift. If we can learn about the energy and learn how to control the energy, we find a relief and freedom in our lives that is beyond hopeful. We are not broken, damaged, or too much. As we learn about this side of ourselves, we gain mastery and this allows us to bring in the big beautiful dreams that we all have.

No more waiting, wondering, wishing, hoping… the time is now.

In this course:

~ Two LIVE workshops with replays

~ Meditations

~ Clearing Tutorials and other information






We love our soul family and are always looking for ways to connect more deeply with you. We also have a free FACEBOOK GROUP where we often connect and share. We are in the process of creating more ways to have fun, feel good and bring in the life we crave. The time is now. We are exactly where we need to be, so release any feelings of being behind or not enough. You are exactly enough and when you feel good, that is the magic that brings out the opportunities and inspiration for natural ease and action in our lives. Feeling good is the most important thing.

We love you!!

xo Traci & Kayla