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We are waking up. We are claiming our power. We are rising up. We are healing. We are blazing new trails. This is an exciting time. The world needs us now and we are being called into action. Old ways aren’t working as well, because we are in new times with new energy needs. It is time for us to rise up and OWN our own energy. No more being tossed around confused and distracted. Awareness is healing. There are many ways to gain insight into the modern sensitive soul and how to get into alignment with your soul purpose.


Modern Souls, Modern sensitives are the souls that are watching up in this time. there are many types of sensitive souls, empaths, intuitives, HSP, light workers, helpers, feelers, psychics, as well as gifted. Many of us are unsure if we are sensitive or how to manage the energy around us. Traci & Kayla guide modern sensitives to gain energy awareness so that we can manifest our life dreams.

“The sensitive soul feels EVERYTHING.”

Many sensitive souls feel behind, at a loss in their purpose and struggling to find hope in their dreams. Learning about energy and how we are affected by it is the first step in gaining control of your life. We need relief, clarity and movement. Here is a sneak peak into a video series we have in our free course, Modern Sensitives, Am I an empath/Sensitive?


“• Do you have a deep sense of knowing? Empaths just know. They can sense when someone is lying. You just know what needs to happen in most situations. You might have inside knowledge of someone that just came to you in a thought. • Do you need lots of downtime, alone time to regroup from life? You could be the most outgoing person on the planet, but spend time with people that exhaust you, and you are down for a time. Usually time alone will eventually restore your energy. • Do you have constant fatigue? Does life exhaust you most of the time? •

Do you avoid crowds? • Do you crave this time in nature to restore your soul? Pets are also an important part of the empath life. • You have a hard time watching the news, hearing bad news, and avoid harsh energy. Conflict makes you uncomfortable and you typically avoid it. • Do you listen well? We are the listeners of life. Strangers feel comfortable telling you their life stories and friends share and over share their problems. • Empaths are the master problem solvers. You just know how to help, what to say and what needs to be done.

Empaths tend to over-help others. You feel the pain, you see the need, even if they can’t. You help and help and fix and fix. You need them to fell better so you can feel better. • Do you take on the physical pains of others? • Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? Do you keep going over and over spinning in your head instead of sleeping? • Do you take on the feelings of others as your own? Have you been in a great mood, and suddenly without reason your mood shifts suddenly?  Are you tired of the two steps forward, two steps backward momentum? • “


“Alignment with the core of who you are, your higher self, and
with your power is the most powerful way to live. ”

Learning about energy and our sensitivity to it can be life changing. For some of us we are more sensitive to people, places and things. Even environments can have energy imprints or energy memories, that feel very real. There are many terms flying around out there, empath, HSP, healer, psychic, sensitives etc. What we are finding out is that energy has evolved and sensitives are evolving and the traits can interchange depending on the situation. We can look at the differences as a guideline, but keep in mind that each person has different reactions or sensitivity to energy. As a sensitive you can feel this energy on a deeper level than most. This can leave you feeling “crazy”, overwhelmed, and tired.

I prefer the term Modern Sensitive. When Kayla and I set out to start teaching about all things energy, Kayla identified as a highly sensitive person (HSP) and I an Empath. Here is what happened over the years that I found FASCINATING. We morphed. We changed into both here and there to meet the needs of each moment. We become what we need to be in each moment. Kayla is more of an empath then me at times depending on what is needed. We have had so many examples of so many sensitives shifting in and out of the norms of the traditional norms of sensitive stereotype and I LOVE THIS! We may typically identify with a category, but we are not bound. We are not cursed AND we have control of our energy. 

You are not WEIRD or CRAZY. You are not better than everyone else because you “KNOW”. It is a beautiful gift that has the power to help heal in a really big way. With such a great gift comes great responsibility, and this starts with mastering YOU first.

“When you get relief, then there is room for clarity. ”

The first step is to get RELIEF, CLARITY, & MOVEMENT.

The first step is gain relief. Get some healing. Get some real sleep. Get rid of those headaches and body aches. Get rid of all those shitty feelings keeping you down. This is the most critical piece, to get relief. When you get relief, then there is room for clarity.

The second step is to gain clarity. Think about it. If you deleted 90% of the shit that wasn’t yours, that allows your brain to focus on the 10% that is yours. It is so much easier to know what you want when you are sitting in YOUR OWN FEELINGS. AHHHHHHH the beauty of knowing what you do want and how you want to feel. It is magic.

The third step is to get movement. When you feel good and have all your energy AND you have clarity about what you want, then it is so much easier to start taking steps to gain back control of your life. No more wondering. No more waiting. No more hell. This is life changing.


we can teach you how to find relief in only minutes… we have guided thousands of modern sensitives just like you to find relief..

01. Clearing

This will provide you the most relief from aches, pains, and emotions.

02. Energy Management

We will give you a new energy routine with clearing, grounding, and protecting to help PREVENT more pain.

03. Awareness

You will be able to identify when you are picking up on other’s feelings and you will be able to clear right away rather than letting the energy and symptoms collect.

04. Grace

We can show you how to find grace and allow love back in to your mindset. No more shutting down to keep safe, we teach how to open your heart in a protected space so that you can truly enjoy the benefits of your gift.

We have many options to help guide you on your journey towards healing and mastery of your own energy. We have options for every budget.


We have some FREE options to help you get a taste of clearing and managing your energy. You are welcome to dive in and enjoy these offerings. We have free guided modern meditations, a free course on sensitives and teach you how to clear your feelings, and we also have our free weekly podcast and Youtube channel. CLICK HERE FOR FREEBIES!

Some podcasts that focus on energy: 

We also have a free FACEBOOK group that is very private to connect deeper with like minded souls and have a safe place to ask those random questions that come up.



The most cost effective way to work with us is joining our membership program “THE SOCIETY”. Here we infuse manifesting and energy management in every class and workshop. This monthly membership costs less than an hour of counseling and includes a ton of resources. I provide weekly energy clearing on every person in the group, including live clearing calls if you want to gain more awareness to energy and how it impacts you. Currently we have a two week free trial so that you can get a peak into what it is like to be part of this amazing soul family. Connection and compassion are the foundation with every class and call. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Society and what we offer. 



We are the modern day ghost busters. We are often massively affected by our home and work spaces. Most of the adrenal fatigue I see out there for the sensitive soul has more to do with the home than food. Yes we have many sensitivities, but the home tends to be the worst culprit. When we are never “off the clock” because we are always tuning into the negative energy in the home, we suffer. We have many sleepless nights and lots of anxiety and unexplained aches and pains. I always recommend having your home cleared to help with healing our energy. We heal in layers. We need to have one place that is completely clear so that we can have down time. Imagine trying to sleep with a scary movie playing in the background all night. The music alone would keep you on edge. We are able to remove, heal and clear the home and land so that you will be able to finally get relief. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOME CLEARING.

If you have questions about home clearings or what to expect, please reach out by emailing us at admin@modernsoulsociety.com.



We have a self study clearing course that will help you develop confidence and connection in your life, hence, CONFIDENCE THROUGH CONNECTION AND CLEARING! 

  • We have given our CLEARING MASTERMIND a complete overhaul!!! We are over the moon excited to bring to you this amazing experience! You will learn how to create massive movement in your life with creating Confidence in your Energy and your LIFE through connecting, clearing and detaching.
  • You will learn how to connect safely to love and all that is here to help you grow and evolve. You will also learn how to clear negative energy that is impacting you!! Permanently and effectively… and FAST!!
  • Do you have sensitive children? Work with children? You will learn how to help them manage the energy and what is impacting them. Do you know how much of the anxiety and ADD type symptoms are actually energy that needs to be cleared. This will truly bring such healing and help to your children… you will be so amazed at how quickly they respond to clearing.
  • How many times in a day do you feel fatigue? overwhelmed? aches and pains? frustration? What if 90% of that could be cleared in minutes? What if you could get your energy back immediately, instead of trudging through your day, pushing as if running in mud?

We offer office hours with all of our self study courses so that you can always ask questions and find help on your journey in clearing!

This course, this experience, is all about love, connecting, releasing, clearing and setting up our energy (and our family’s energy) to finally remove the blocks that keep you stuck, sick and tired. Time to feel good. Feeling good is the most important thing. And when you feel good, life opens up.  Like for reals 🙂



Happiness starts with energy.

Have you every placed your energy as your number one priority? This could be what makes all the difference for you this year. What if those headaches, insomnia, toxic relationships, money issues, and constant stress was the result of the energy around you? Don’t miss out on the year of reward because your energy isn’t a vibrational match to receive what you have been dreaming of.

Energy Mastermind is a 12 week online course and experience that is crucial for your happiness and achieving your dreams. This is the MISSING step you are searching for. We will guide you to transform every area of your life and give you the tools you need to get control of your life, while giving you the foundation you need to manifest your dreams and desires.

In this course you will have access to a Beautifully Organized Course with login and password. There will be 12 weekly modules released each week. In these modules you will have a weekly Energy Mastermind Magazine, Weekly Meditation Downloads, Two Weekly Lectures and Weekly Energy Clearings.



  • Energy Mastermind Weekly Magazine PDF
  • Login to beautiful and organized course.
  • Two recorded weekly workshops as well as bonuses. There are over 40 webinar replays.
  • Weekly guided meditation downloads.
  • Lots of bonuses.
  • Lifetime access to materials and login.


Energy Clearing Session:

Energy clearing is necessary for modern sensitives. We pick up on so many things; people, family, work, strangers, social media, and even the other side. Our rule of thumb is that if you are feeling anything less than joy, it can be cleared. So many times we get tired or stuck and we blame it on our food, or our outer circumstance. With energy clearing, you will experience instant relief from headaches, stress, anxiety, worry, heaviness, aches, pains, and any other symptom of this. Yes, we have seen time and time again symptoms lift in seconds with this work. Healing is included in this session as it often goes hand in hand with clearing. It is amazing how our energy prepares. 





Energy Healing:

Deep trauma removed from your body. 

If you are looking for something deeper than a clearing this session is really great for you. If you are feeling stuck, ready for the next step, and are open for deep healing, this is an excellent step in your healing journey. As sensitives we store trauma on an energetic level. This energy can keep us from forward motion. Our bodies are amazing story tellers and will guide the healing and let us know where this energy is stored. This blocked energy can manifest itself in different areas of your life. Whether you are stuck financially, emotionally, physically…. this healing is beneficial to you. The type of energy healing we offer is gentle yet carries huge impact on your success. Traci is channeling a healing power using modalities that are new for this modern world. This is not reiki, this is not sound healing, this is a brand new technique using channeled healing with the pendulum.

This is a gentle session with deep healing. Your body tells us where the trauma is stored in your body. Some feel energized right away and others may need to take a nap after the energy work so prepare for that in your schedule. Most energy will leave within one week of session where you will feel 1000 times better than before.




Dive deep into energy management and manifesting.

This session is really great for you if you are looking for guidance to help get you to the next level in your life. If you are looking to break income goals, awaken spiritual gifts, find more happiness and purpose in your career, or simply to learn how best to manage your energy. These sessions are focused on getting you forward movement in your life. Coaching with Traci and Kayla give you the missing piece: ENERGY. Everything is energy. This will elevate any coaching experience you have had. Mentoring with Traci and Kayla will give you two perspectives and intuition for the guidance you receive. Energy is everything and while these sessions are not focused on energy healing by itself, this may come up naturally. You will find clearing around situations that are holding you down and find flow and movement again.




August 22, 2016