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Broken Promises Can Be A Good Thing

In this podcast episode, episode 313, we talk about broken promises. Before we dive into this topic we have a fun time talking about my kitchen remodel, fridge yoga and how to go with the flow… especially when you have a spontaneous mom. Kayla says that she is starting to appreciate my antics because it pulls her out of her comfort zone! (there is a method to my madness) There are times I wish I had a little more patience at times, it might help avoid the great Nash escape.

We can find ourselves either breaking a promise or having one broken. Neither feels very good. What happens when we are let down time and time again? What happens when we are having to tell someone “NO” or break a promise? We constantly say…

with great release there is great reward. 

Often times we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a life that no longer feels good. I get asked this all the time, “what happened”? It is as if you no longer can keep doing the same things anymore. We go through these stages called “Journey of the Soul”  We have quite a few podcasts on the subject along with a beautiful meditation album that guides us through the steps. The very first step is Sleepwalking. This is where we all start. We make decisions with the best of intentions when we are not yet awake. Our soul hasn’t come forward, our purpose is still in the background. So release judgement.

Then something amazing happens, we awaken. We can find that the decisions we made in sleepwalking no longer fit with where we are meant to go and what our soul’s purpose is. In this, we must undo some of those decisions. Some of us need to change jobs, change partners, start saying no, start saying yet… you get the idea… we have to break some of our promises. We had every intention of “ride or die” with this or that but found that it was better in theory than in reality.

Other times people around us notice the shift and they come to their own decision that the path you are on is not the path they wish to be on and so they may break their promises. I had one ex-boyfriend tell me “I did not sign up for this”. And you know what, he didn’t. I needed a different partner to go the next phase of my life. It stings and hurts like hell in the moment, but eventually it all starts making sense.

Trust is the most important thing in our manifesting and purpose filled journey. So learning how to trust our own selves, our intuition and that no matter what we have what it takes to handle whatever comes our way.

What can you do to cultivate trust within yourself?

What can you do to let go of anything that no longer feels good or feels like you authentically?

How can you take care of yourself and make yourself the priority?

How can you connect to the only love that won’t let you down? Divine love.

Trusting and connecting to Divine Love is the way to feeling good and to find healing for all the love wounds. Release those that have broken your heart, knowing that there was a reason. Everyone has the right to choose their own life and what that looks like.

Just like a freeway, there are stops and off ramps. At any point, you can leave the freeway and explore and so can those around us. It hurts when we can’t all go to the same place at the same time, but we wouldn’t want to wait for everyone. No more wishing, hoping and waiting. You have to choose you, it is the only way this works.

If you could leave a comment below on how you are getting some healing and awareness around broken promises. We would love to know how you handle telling someone no, or how to handle being told no 🙂

xo Traci