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About Modern Soul Society:

Modern soul society was created with you in mind. A safe and loving haven for you to learn about your energy, leverage your gifts, and create the life you crave. Connection is something that we need, and yet finding authentic relationships seems difficult. We have a community for like minded souls to gather and grow together. You do not have to take this journey alone, support is here and available to you. 

“Feeling good is the most important thing. Raise your vibration.”

This is why we provide energy guidance in all areas of life. We guide you on the journey to feel good, bring in your dreams, and release what is holding you back. We believe that energy management is the foundation for authentic manifesting.

“Energy moves quickly when we are in alignment.”

If you are tired of feeling depleted, looked over, overwhelmed, or behind, we welcome you into our family. This is a unique experience with love waiting for you around every turn. Modern Soul Society is co founded and led by Traci and Kayla, a mother / daughter collaboration here to shake things up and rock your world. We bring cutting edge techniques, a sense of humor, and an infusion of love in everything you experience here.

Get ready, big changes await you. It doesn’t matter if you are new to energy, or have studied energy your whole life.. You will learn NEW effective ways to feel better and find happiness. This is the modern approach to living life. 

Welcome to your new soul family. <3


About Traci & Kayla:

We are a mother daughter collaboration. Traci focuses on the healing and energy side of things while Kayla focuses on the manifesting side. We believe this is the perfect combination. This is a new age where healers and energy workers don’t have to sacrifice themselves to help. You can have the life you love as well. You can heal AND manifest. For those looking to manifest and focus on happiness, you may just find out that energy management is the secret tool you have been searching for. This will accelerate your results and help you feel better. Trust us, this is a killer combo and will leave you wondering why these were separate to begin with.

“Traci and Kayla are the perfect blend of wisdom, energy, and edge. Traci is a master energy healer and specializes in teaching energy management. Kayla loves all things magic and manifesting. Together their energy brings the gift of clearing blocks and limits in your manifesting journey, and for the healers out there it is time for beauty to find every area of your life.. even your wallet.”


About Goddess:

Traci and Kayla share a unique relationship with divine love named Goddess. This energy speaks through Kayla to teach vibration, manifesting, energy management, and feeling better infused with love and connection. This is a modern twist on “the Universe” and her love is ready to take over your heart. Sometimes really cool things happen to normal, everyday people!


A Note From Kayla:

I have taken so many manifesting courses, worked with mentors, and studied my ass off. What I found is that there are lots of missing pieces. I have spent the last 8 years in search for these missing links.

I have something really cool that happened to me. I’m sure you have heard the phrases “source” or “universe” or things like that. Well one day in meditation, a different voice started to speak through me. To be honest, it scared the shit out of me!! LOL… Mom and I have been working with this voice who we refer to as Goddess. She has identified herself as love and source.

You guys, SOURCE IS FREAKING SPEAKING THROUGH ME!!! This is where some of you will click away and think I am totally nuts, believe me the 10 year ago version of me would too. The thing is, we are all searching for answers and connection and then it stares us in the face and our first instinct is to run.

The cool part about my story is that I am no one special. I am not a spiritual guru… I drink coffee, I swear a shit ton, I make mistakes, I am a normal human being. This voice of love is here to provide clarity and connection in your life through a human soul. May my journey help give you confidence in your own path.

I believe that if you are reading this, you have been looking for her. If you are curious about how the channeling works, I have some videos for you to check out. My VIP clients get to ask her a question each month and have her answer them. Totally cool right? There are things that come out of my mouth that I could never have known… You will have to check it out for yourself.

Watch some clips here.