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315 Free Modern Manifesting Series

We all want to have a good life. We have wishes and dreams. So what happens when we can’t seem to get through the stuck energy. Kayla is the manifesting mofo in our business, and while I manifest too, manifesting runs in her blood. We happen to be the perfect team because Kayla helps you catch the vision and fire for your life dreams and I help clear the energy so that you aren’t bogged down in the crap.

In this episode we talk a lot about manifesting and announcing our free manifesting series. The good news is that no matter when you join in, just jump in! Ride the high energy wave 🙂  Often it takes a little time to warm up and get into the manifesting movement. So this will help you get your energy ready for fall magic. Fall is such an amazing manifesting time. We get back into our routines, the weather changes and we get ready to celebrate for months!

You are welcome to join for free and don’t be shy!!!

Week One Link HERE

Week Two Link HERE 

We are so excited to see you with us on this journey and love diving in deeper with all things manifesting!!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!! Let us know in the comments. What are you wanting to manifest? What dreams are you ready to dust off?

We love you!!


August 16, 2017