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MODERN SOUL SOCIETY PODCAST: EPISODE 016 ~ The Relationship Between Confidence and Doubt

Confidence is something we all want, and yet we tend to doubt ourselves so much. This episode breaks down the relationship between confidence, manifesting, fear, doubt, and trust and how they all play with one another. We will never be without fear, but we can get movement in spite of it. Doubt is the only thing that can stop you.

Imagine being on the freeway. When you see a cop, you slow down a little and maybe sit up a bit straighter as you pass. This is fear. When you second guess the directions and start taking exits and hopping freeways in the wrong direction…. this is doubt.

This episode was a lot of fun and I even shared about my new hair makeover!!

We love getting to know you and hope that this episode has helped to inspire some movement and confidence. xo Kayla


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